Slotting allowances, listing fees or as the Irish say “Hello “ money are all real estate rental fees charged in […]
Pricing is a critical element of our marketing strategy. The “calculation” defines all pricing inputs from a designated port to […]
Are you selling more to Ireland,Iceland, or India ?Small countries depend on others for their food supply requirements. They offer […]
Distributor interviews can be compared to a first date. There is no second date after a bad first date, even […]
Distributors are flooded with requests for representation of brands from around the world.Normally, these presentations are jammed with pretty photos […]
It’s fun to talk about brand building and entry into foreign markets. Shipments are great, but getting paid on time […]
Everyone loves a trade show. Where else can you rent a booth and witness lines of customers and distributors waiting […]
Each year, Export Solutions fields hundreds of inquiries from brands looking for help finding international distributors. Our readers will not […]
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Brace yourself for a tough year in 2016. Consumer goods/food producers face a better outlook than our peers in other […]