1. Company History  How long have you been in business ? Who are the owners ?How many direct, “payrolled” employees […]
Retailers primary objective is to maintain in stock conditions to maximize sales. Purchasing from local distributors offers retailers significant benefits […]
Export Solutions participates in 100 distributor interviews per year. Many distributors ask…What are big brands looking for ?How do we […]
Every manager spends hours preparing senior management presentations. What happens when you get called to see the CEO “right away”? […]
Changing distributors is a messy business, filled with hurt feelings, business disruption, and legal implications. The good news is that […]
Selling more to Bermuda and Bahamas versus Brazil ? More business in Hong Kong than China ? Join the club. […]
What are the major reasons that export initiatives fail? The chief reason is that manufacturers obtain a case of “international […]
Many exporters spend 80% of their interaction with their “brand manager ” at a distributor.  Contacts with the CEO or […]
Exporters love the thrill  of creating plans to conquer new markets. The reality is that our annual sales quota is […]
A natural goal is to achieve “Preferred Supplier Status” with retailers and your distributors. Satisfied trading partners generate superior results. […]