Greg Seminara, Export Solutions

Who created the distributor lists ?
Our proprietary lists were compiled by consumer/food products professionals with 29 years working with distributors, importers, and brokers in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Asia and the USA/Canada. The carefully researched lists contain distributors, importers, and brokers who are the leading local companies at supplying supermarkets and other trade channels. Many companies represent easily recognized global brands. Today, we are grateful that leading distributors submit their company data to be included free of charge in our industry leading directory. View our company video for more information.

How accurate is the contact data ?
Export Solutions distributor lists are updated every day ! Approximately 50 New distributors are added each month. Distributor company names and web sites rarely change. The distributor’s key contact for new product inquiries and their email addresses may change as a result of job moves or organizational shifts. We employ three separate mechanisms to keep up to date with changes. Please note that our China list changes frequently reflecting the pace of development in China.

What product categories are included ?
Distributors include specialists for branded food products, health and beauty care products, non-food brands, confectionery/snacks, beverage, natural/organic foods, gourmet products, specialty food, and general merchandise. Many distributors can handle any product that is normally sold through Supermarkets, Convenience, Foodservice/Catering, or Pharmacy trade channels.

How many countries are included ?
The database covers 96 countries with the highest retail sales globally. Subscribers enjoy unlimited access all countries in the entire database for one year. This includes all new distributors and countries that are added and any updates in contact information. Purchasers of individual Country lists receive the most current list as of date of purchase, with no access to our frequent updates.

How many distributors are listed per country ?
Most countries list an average of 77 unique distributors. The lists provide a mix of large, medium size, and small distributors, importers, and brokers. The larger distributors tend to prefer partnership with established global brands while the smaller distributors tend to be more entrepreneurial and open to pioneering new brands and smaller companies. The USA Distributor/Importer list contains 519 distributors and importers, organized by State.

Does Export Solutions have additional information on the distributors ? Export Solutions knows many of the Distributors in our database. Clients of our Premium Subscription or Talk to An Export Expert Services can gain access to our insights on the best distributor candidates in any country for your brand.

Tell me about your Category Distributor Lists
Export Solutions now offers popular lists focused on Confectionery ( Candy,Snacks, Biscuits),Fine Food/Gourmet, Hot Beverage, Ambient Beverage and CPG/FMCG (Big Brand) Distributors. Normally these lists include distributors who focus solely on one product sector ( i.e Confectionery) or work with a variety of categories, including the featured one. In 2019, we expanded category/sector specific lists such as Natural Food Distributors, Beauty Care and Healthcare/OTC distributors.

How do I use the contact lists to find the right candidates ?
The comments section of each distributor listing supplies important clues on each distributor’s specialization or brands represented. Our listings include web site addresses for seventy percent of distributors in the database. Visit distributor’s web sites for more detailed information on company credentials. Export Solutions strongly recommends extensive due diligence on potential distributor candidates. This includes reference checks with existing brands handled and Dun & Bradstreet financial analysis. Export Solutions is available to help qualify distributors through our Strategic Services or Talk to an Expert programs.

What is the best way to reach the distributors ?
We recommend sending an introductory email with a link to your company web site. No one opens large attachments ! Follow-up with a phone call to your highest priority candidates. Schedule an in-country interview at the distributors office or an introductory meeting at a major trade show.

Can Export Solutions locate distributors in countries not listed ?
Export Solutions can locate distributors for most branded “supermarket product” in any country worldwide through our Strategic Services division. Our 2019 goals are to provide coverage of 8,500 distributors in the 96 countries with the largest economies.