Tis the season for 2022 planning. Most of us will dust off last year’s presentation, update the charts, and supply […]
Two recent business trips sparked a shift in my view of international development opportunities. Normally, I advocate primary export focus […]
Strong consumer goods distributors are deluged with representation inquiries from around the world. The emails are usually supplemented by a […]
You are busy! There are many projects on your “must do” list, but all your efforts are focused on delivering […]
Received a phone call from a Greek brand owner who wanted my help launching his brand in export markets. My […]
Export strategy is frequently mistaken as a race to plant flags in as many countries as possible.Top management spends too […]
2022 Online sales will surge beyond $2 trillion in Europe and  the USA.This explosive growth reflects an 18 % increase […]
Time for a Change ? Time is our most precious resource. Export managers fill our days with a regular routine: […]
1. World CuisineForeign travel and exposure to world cuisine has sparked an appreciation of  food and confectionery products from around […]
Exporters envy the massive clout and impressive results generated by multinationals such as Nestle & Procter and Gamble. These powerful […]