There is a cost of doing business in each country in the world. Retail shelf space is viewed as valuable […]
A leading multinationals 5 year plan featured a 10-10-5 strategy. this involved focus on 10 countries,10 brands, and 5 product […]
Strategic segmentation of export opportunities is “Job One” for export managers. Export Solutions divides countries into three groups: Strategic, Priority, […]
Few companies achieve sufficient sales volume to operate offices in every country.Even Procter & Gamble, Nestle, & Unilever regularly use […]
Global dynamics has caused seismic shifts in international business development and country prioritization. Every company maintains a proprietary methodology for […]
Tis the season for 2022 planning. Most of us will dust off last year’s presentation, update the charts, and supply […]
Two recent business trips sparked a shift in my view of international development opportunities. Normally, I advocate primary export focus […]
Strong consumer goods distributors are deluged with representation inquiries from around the world. The emails are usually supplemented by a […]
You are busy! There are many projects on your “must do” list, but all your efforts are focused on delivering […]
Received a phone call from a Greek brand owner who wanted my help launching his brand in export markets. My […]