Greg Seminara, Export Solutions

Distributors are flooded with requests for representation of brands from around the world.
Normally, these presentations are jammed with pretty photos and long stories about the companies history. Brands will receive better response with a fact based, company credentials presentation focused on “What Distributors and Buyers really want to know”. Export Solutions recommends that brands create two versions of your credentials presentation: Ten page detailed presentation and a one page summary.
Recapped below are our ten tips on developing a strong company credentials presentation to attract interest from Distributors and Buyers anywhere.

1. Just the Facts:
Page 1 should include basic company facts. Annual sales, ownership, number of employees, and key categories and brands.

2. History
Tell the story of when and how was the company founded. This is your chance to seduce the audience with a captivating story. Learn to tell the story in one page with no company video’s or DVD’s (boring!).
Provide a longer version of your history and milestones on your company web site for those who want more information.

3. Brand USP
This is the place for pretty pictures of your brand and the opportunity to demonstrate your category expertise. Why is your brand different ? How do you compare with current category assortment ? List any awards or recognition for your company.

4. Current Export Markets
Share countries where your brand is currently available. Segment between core markets where your brand is strong and others where you maintain niche status. What is the rationale for entering the distributors country ?

5. Distributor and Retailer Partners
Highlight well known distributors currently serving as your partners.
List retailers who currently sell your brand. Logo’s work well.

6. Success Stories
Focus on recent examples of your brand building results. Mention specific retailers or distributors if examples are well known retailers or in adjacent countries.

7. Investment Strategy
Distributors and buyers demand critical information on how you plan to generate consumer awareness, trial, and repeat purchase of your product. Their interest will match your level of financial commitment.

8. Team Resources
Publish photos of your export team. This includes marketing, finance, customer service, and logistics experts. List years of service for each team member to demonstrate that you have a strong support organization to build the business.

9. Sync with Web Site
Your credentials presentation should sync with information on your web site.
In reality, your web site is the first place that a potential distributor will visit. Modern web sites, with crisp graphics, minimal text, and no music will receive attention. Do you have a page dedicated to international export? When was the last time you updated your web site ?

10. Why is your Company a Good Partner ?
This represents a one page summary of your company credentials.
What value does your company bring to the partnership ?
What is the “size of the prize” ? How will your brand make more money for the distributor or buyer ?

Export Solutions can help !
Export Solutions has participated in more than 300 Distributor identification projects and reviewed web sites of more than 10,000 Distributors and Brand Owners. We are available to review your company presentation or web site to provide timely ideas and suggestions to improve your visibility. Contact us in the USA at (001)-404-255-8387 for more information.