Greg Seminara….. Expert

How Do I ?

Greg is available for phone or web based help.
This includes providing feedback to common export questions:

What markets offer best potential or easiest to enter ?

Who are best distributors by country ?

How do I handle export problems like currency fluctuation
or distributor contracts ?

How can I develop my USA business?

Time with an Expert Export

Book time here with Greg Seminara.

One time web calls or short term project options available.

1 Hour
  • Export Best Practices
  • Distributor Feedback
  • Handling Common Export Problems
  • USA Business Development
$ 250
2 Hours
  • Regional Distributor Feedback
  • Country Pricing Models
  • Export Organizational Development
  • Distributor Contract Review
$ 500
4 Hours
  • Distributor Network Feedback
  • Market Research
  • Export Workshop Module
  • Special Projects
$ 1,000

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