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New Ideas for
New Business
New Ideas for
New Business
Export Workshops & Speeches
by Greg Seminara
The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking
new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.“
– Marcel Proust, French novelist
Dear Greg
“I am very grateful for the excellent training we were able to set up with your support in Parma last
month. The two day program proved extremely helpful, rich with insights and experiences that we
were striving to deliver to our key people in international markets.
The two days allowed us to cover broad & strategic issues, such as country segmentation &
prioritization, as well as very specific and practical issues, such as the distributors’ business models,
drivers of distributors’ performance and how that can be influenced by the brand owner, to how to
improve performance in the “moment of truth,” with the “more in the store” section.
I therefore wish to take the occasion to thank you again for your important contribution, and am
also very glad to mention that, as we do for all trainings done in the Barilla Lab Learning Center, your
program was subject to a post evaluation from all participants, and that it scored among the highest
programs taken in these past few years.”
Director, Export Markets
Export Workshop Overview
1 and 1.5 day workshop options available
8 Export Development & Distributor Management Modules
Includes 25 Common Export Problems group work
200+ topics available for tailored workshop
One hour keynote or motivational speech
“At our ESMA annual convention – the summit of the distributor industry in FMCG in Europe – we
share thoughts and invite speakers of significance. Greg Seminara was invited to speak about his view
on the development of distributors and the elements in the marketing mix of relevance to this business
sector. Greg impressed his audience with his vast knowledge, his ability to communicate and some
clear thoughts about the drivers behind results. The feedback to his speech was excellent and
participants highlighted his hands-on understanding about our business.“
European Sales & Marketing Association
About Greg Seminara
Greg Seminara founded Export Solutions in 2004 after a career with Procter &
Gamble, Clorox, and the leading USA Food Broker. This included positions
based in the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Argentina. Credentials include:
Creator of industry distributor database: 96 countries, 8,600 distributors
Categories: Confectionery/Snack, Gourmet/Ethnic, Beverage, Italian Foods
Author/Publisher of Export Express Newsletter (circulation: 8,700)
Author/Publisher: Export Strategy Guide, Distributor Search Guide, Selling to the
USA, Distributor Management Guide, 300 Tips for Export Managers, and more than
200 articles on export development and selling through distributors.
Completed 300+ Distributor Search projects in 48 countries - 5 continents
Sample Workshop Agenda
Day 1 – “Models
Topic Core Themes
Strategic Export Development
Next Billion Consumers
Market Segmentation/Prioritization,
Different Partner Models
Best in Class Distributors
Best in Class Partner vs. Average
Finding New Distributors
Group Case Study 1 & Report Out
Group Work
Distributor Economics Distributor Financial Model/Watch-Outs
25 Common Export Problems
Case Study #2 (Individual)
Individual Assignments and Report Out
Improving Market Visit Productivity Maximizing Market Visit Activity
Day 2 – “Best Practices
Workshop program concludes with lunch.
Topic Core Themes
More in the Store
New Business Through Improved
In-Store Performance
Getting More Than Your Fair Share of
Distributors Time
Increased Distributor Focus on
Your Priorities
Case Studies #3 (Group)/Break Out
Becoming a Preferred Supplier
Best Practices to Being Viewed as a
Preferred Supplier by Your Distributors
Schedule with annual sales meeting or
international trade fair
Combine Export Solutions’ workshop with
your own company presentations
Share workshop between 2-3 non-compete
local companies
Keynote speaker for your annual distributor or
company meeting
Workshop for government trade development
organizations and trade fairs
Export Solutions Can Help!
Export Workshops
Motivational Speeches
International Strategy
Find Distributors in 96 Countries
Contact Greg Seminara at gseminara@exportsolutions.com or (001)-404-255-8387.
Thanks for the training workshop you ran for the team, it was very worthwhile and everyones feedback
has been very positive. It has given me a far greater insight into the world of third party sales partners and I
am confident that we can now improve on how we work with these partners and ultimately improve our
business results. I would have no hesitation in recommending this program to other Johnson & Johnson sales
European Sales Director, McNeil Nutritionals Ltd., A Johnson and Johnson Company
Dear Greg,
“We would like take this opportunity to thank you for the good quality result of the export
development seminar hosted by Italia del Gusto. The workshop has received an enthusiastic response
from all the participants. We have really appreciated your expert information on core topics of strategic
export development, distributor identification, and getting more out of current partner relationships.
Based on the seminar’s success, we look forward to further collaboration.”
General Director, Consorzio ITALIA DEL GUSTO
Italia Del Gusto is a consortium of many of the leading food & beverage brands of Italy: Auricchio, Bauli, Barilla,
Bolton Group, Colussi, Filippo Berio, Lavazza, Ponti, San Benedetto
Contact Greg Seminara for More Details
Export Workshop Options