Consumer pricing is one of the famous “Four P’s”of product marketing. Many export managers spend countless hours negotiating wholesale price […]
Can you resist the temptation to sell to the biggest retailer in a new country first ? Multinationals armed with […]
International distributors serve as our best customers. They purchase from us and provide a tremendous service by building our brand […]
Export Solutions provides practical advice to handle tough export issues. Read Export Problems, Export Solutions to obtain guidance on handling […]
I learned a lot in 2021 through projects completed in 24 countries on five continents. One of the important issues […]
Your new product launch is a big deal !The first days are critical if you want to raise a “healthy […]
Today’s Export managers devote more time to finance issues than their historical role as international brand builders. Global managers are […]
Our price calculation template captures all cost inputs from your factory gate to the supermarket shelf.
Brand Owners and Distributors enter new relationships with great expectations. Most partnerships succeed,but some under deliver leaving both parties disappointed. […]
Two page Category Review template. This template can be populated from store checks or analysis of Nielsen data.