Retail buyers are challenged to maximize profits and sales from every available inch of shelf space. Every new item accepted […]
Suppliers review their Distributor contracts for two reasons: At the start of a new distributor relationship or when the current […]
KLIM milk powder is a Nestle product popular when I lived in Saudi Arabia.  Try spelling Klim right to left […]
Consumer pricing is one of the famous “Four P’s”of product marketing. Many export managers spend countless hours negotiating wholesale price […]
Can you resist the temptation to sell to the biggest retailer in a new country first ? Multinationals armed with […]
International distributors serve as our best customers. They purchase from us and provide a tremendous service by building our brand […]
Export Solutions provides practical advice to handle tough export issues. Read Export Problems, Export Solutions to obtain guidance on handling […]
I learned a lot in 2021 through projects completed in 24 countries on five continents. One of the important issues […]
Your new product launch is a big deal !The first days are critical if you want to raise a “healthy […]
Today’s Export managers devote more time to finance issues than their historical role as international brand builders. Global managers are […]