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About Us

Export Solutions was founded in 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Expertise: Asia, Latin America, Middle East,Europe, and USA/Canada.


Who We Are

Our mission is to provide tools,advice, and contacts to help Brand Owners connect with leading distributors/importers/brokers around the world. "Help Manufacturers Spend time Selling to Distributors versus Searching for Distributors"

Our Founder- Greg Seminara

Greg has worked on more than 300 distributor search projects on five continents. He started his career with Procter & Gamble, continued with Clorox including positions based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Greg also led the international division of the USA's leading food broker and created the "Leading Distributors of the World Group". Click here to review the profile of Greg Seminara.

What We Do

Distributor Database Industry leader, covering more than 8,000 distributors in 96 countries.

Export Express Newsletter  8,000 + Readers worldwide include export managers, senior management and government trade officers. Focuses on strategies for international development and advice on Managing Distributors. Contact us for your free subscription.

Consultants  Specialization: Distributor Identification, Export Strategy, and USA Entry

Export Guides:  Publishers of Distributor Search Guide, Export Handbook, 300 Tips for Export Managers, Export Strategy Guide,Distributor Management Guide,Money Matters:Export Finance and Logistics,People Power: Great Teams Build Strong Brands, and Selling to the USA Handbook.Click here for your free copies of our Export Guides .

Export Workshops 1-2 day programs to motivate and train your export department or Government Trade Support Group . Learn More about our Workshop and Speech programs.

How We Do It

Our "roll up our sleeves" approach focuses on practical commercial solutions. We succeed when you "sell something". Export Solutions prepares reports and analysis, but our focus is being the best at identifying the right distributor to build your brand in 96 countries. We specialize is brands normally sold through Supermarket,Foodservice,Convenience store, and Pharmacy channels. Our searchable Distributor Database allows brand owners to instantly develop a list of qualified candidates to represent their brands in 96 countries. A valuable timesaver !

Core Competency

Export Solutions are the Distributor Identification Experts ! We maintain contacts with over 8,300 leading distributors,importers, and brokers in 96 countries. Export Solutions maintains a unique ability to leverage our top management distributor relationships for our consulting clients. Our Distributor Search methodology is published in our free 74 page Distributor Search Guide and adapted by hundreds of export managers worldwide.

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Export Solutions


Looking to expand into high growth, emerging markets ?
Seeking to upgrade or energize your existing international distributor network ? Export Solutions provides commercial strategies to translate your Export vision to "retail reality" in 96 countries. Learn More >>

Export Solutions

Export Ready

Your brand has enjoyed success and everyone encourages you to "Go Global".What will be required
to gain access to international supermarket shelves ?Export Solutions provides answers
to small to mid size companies looking to begin their export journey. Learn More >>

Export Solutions


Distributor Identification in 96 countries is our core business.
Learn how we leverage our proven Distributor Identification methodology paired with the industries leading distributor database to gain exceptional results for more than 2,700 companies that use our database. Learn More >>

Export Solutions

What's New ?

Click here for our latest insights on export development
and building businesses through international distributors. Access our "Ten Tips" articles
and the latest free templates to manage your export business.Contact us to join the 8,500 readers of our free Export Express newsletter.  Learn More >>