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ConsultantCall us! We can provide expert guidance rapidly via telephone.

Common Export Topics

  1. Who would be your Top 5 choices to distribute my brand in a country ?
    Who are distributors to avoid in a country ?
  2. What countries offer the best sales potential for my brand ?
  3. What is the best organizational model by country? Distributor, broker, or joint venture?
  4. What are the costs associated with launch in new countries?
  5. How do I determine if a distributor is a serious "brand builder" or a pretender ?
  6. Who are the best distributors, importers, or brokers in each country?
  7. Which markets offer the greatest potential sales for my product?
  8. What is a fair distributor margin or broker commission?
  9. How does Walmart operate and "buy" Internationally ?

We have the answers to these questions plus many more!

How it works:

Export Expert time is available on a prepay basis:

  • Half Hour of Time with Export Expert $150
  • One Hour of Time with Export Expert $250

Following payment, we will schedule a phone meeting with you. Our goal is to conduct our phone meeting within 48 hours of payment ( excluding weekends). However,actual phone meeting schedule is dependent on availability of mutually agreeable time.

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