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Creating New Business from New Markets

Strategic Services

Export Solutions supplies tools and resources for your team to translate your international strategy into measurable shipment success. Our clients benefit from our "hands on" experiences working on more than 300 international expansion projects across five continents. Contact us today to discuss your project.

1 Hour Talk to An Expert

1 hour of time with an export expert.

Retailer Annual Subscription

Unlimited access for one year to all the 2,300 retailers in our system.

2 Hours Talk to An Expert

2 hours of time with an export expert.

4 Hours Talk to An Expert

4 hours of time with an export expert.

Distributor & Retailer Annual Subscription

Unlimited access for one year to 8,600 distributors, importers, and brokers in 96 countries and Unlimited access for one year to all the 2,300 retailers in our system.

Distributor & Retailer Premium Subscription

Premium subscribers receive all the benefits of an distributor & retailer annual subscription plus monthly phone access to Greg Seminara, owner of Export Solutions. Greg Seminara will provide guidance on the

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Export Solutions


Looking to expand into high growth, emerging markets ?
Seeking to upgrade or energize your existing international distributor network ? Export Solutions provides commercial strategies to translate your Export vision to "retail reality" in 96 countries. Learn More >>

Export Solutions

Export Ready

Your brand has enjoyed success and everyone encourages you to "Go Global".What will be required
to gain access to international supermarket shelves ?Export Solutions provides answers
to small to mid size companies looking to begin their export journey. Learn More >>

Export Solutions


Distributor Identification in 96 countries is our core business.
Learn how we leverage our proven Distributor Identification methodology paired with the industries leading distributor database to gain exceptional results for more than 2,700 companies that use our database. Learn More >>

Export Solutions

What's New ?

Click here for our latest insights on export development
and building businesses through international distributors. Access our "Ten Tips" articles
and the latest free templates to manage your export business.Contact us to join the 8,500 readers of our free Export Express newsletter.  Learn More >>