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About Greg Seminara

Greg SeminaraGreg Seminara founded Export Solutions in 2004. Export Solutions serves as a leader at helping food, confectionery, personal care and "supermarket oriented" products sell to overseas markets.  

Career Highlights
- Sales for Procter & Gamble based in USA
- Sales,Marketing, & Corporate roles for Clorox ($5.6 Billion)
This includes positions based in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia and
  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Export Solutions Activity
- Creator of Food/CPG industries distributor database covering
  96 Countries and 8,300 distributors

- Publisher of Export Express newsletter- circulation 8,000.
  Greg Seminara writes each article in Export Express and his Export Guides.

-Publisher of Export Strategy Guide, Distributor Search Guide,
 Selling to the USA, 300 Tips for Export  Managers,Distributor Search Guide, Idea Guide 2019, Export Treasure Chest ( Charts & Templates), & Essentials of Distributor Search.
 Click here to access copies of all free Export Guides .

- Workshops and Speeches delivered for leading Government Trade Organizations, Brands, and Distributors across Europe, Latin America, and the USA. Click here to learn more
about Workshops and Speeches .

Recent Distributor Search Projects for Export Solutions

Completed more than 300 distributor search projects on 5 continents 

• Global distributor search across 26 countries supporting sale of 1 billion dollar snack food brand 

• USA entry strategies and importer/broker search for 70 million dollar European ethnic food brand 

• China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Singapore distributor search for global snack brand 

• Global strategic assessment: Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America for leading USA food company 

• Brazil: “next level” business development for famous global food brand 

• Europe and Latin America distributor search supporting spinoff of leading non-food brand 

• Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, & UAE distributor search for multinational food company 

• Mexico distributor search for global biscuit brand 

Contact us to discuss your distributor search project for any of the 96 Countries we cover.

Export Solutions served as a phone consultant on more than 50 distributor search projects in 2019.

Click here to see a partial client list.

-Dual citizen of the USA & Ireland
-Member of the Traveler's Century Club for visiting more than 100 countries.
-Spanish- conversational proficiency
Greg lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and three teenage daughters


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