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Sell to 96 Countries

Export Solutions distributor database provides information on 8,600 distributors, importers and brokers in 96 Countries. New ! Export Solutions now offers a Retailer database covering more than 2,500 supermarket        ( and other mass format) retailers in 96 countries.More than 2,700 companies have used our database to find qualified partners in 96 countries. Spend time "Selling to Distributors versus Searching for Distributors". Click here for a free sample Distributor list.

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Access the Distributor Database

There are two options to access our database. Most companies access our database via an annual subscription. This subscription provides one year login access to all countries, all categories and all distributors. Subscribers may run unlimited database searches. A premium subscription provides phone support from Export Solutions to help you identify best distributor candidates,by country. Customers may also purchase individual countries or categories, with 90 day access. Check our FAQ's for more details.

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Categories Handled

Coverage includes most categories sold through supermarket,foodservice, and pharmacy channels.Branded Food products, Beverage (Non-Alcoholic),Confectionery/Snack, International Food,Gourmet Food, Health Care, Hot Beverage,Household/Non Food, Italian Food, Natural/Organic Food and Personal Care/Cosmetics. We do not cover Alcoholic Beverages, fruit, or agricultural commodities.

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About the Retailer Database 

Export Solutions provides information on an average of 23 retailers per country. This includes potential customers operating supermarket,convenience,cash and carry,discount, and drug store formats. Access the database to find retailer profiles, web sites,store counts, latest news,and financial information ( where available). Most companies access our database via an annual subscription. This subscription provides one year login access to all countries, all retailers and all formats. You may also elect to subscribe by continent. Click here to access the retailer database now. 

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Our Difference

Each distributor and retailer listed has been screened by an industry export professional with 20 years global experience. Distributors and retailers can not self register or pay to be in our database. Each country list features an average of  79 different distributors. This reflects a mix of large power distributors and smaller distributors more open to pioneering new products. Our Retailer database tracks an average of  23 retailers per country, from the well known leaders to smaller chains. Complete retailer coverage,not just the "big guys".

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Your brand has enjoyed success and everyone encourages you to "Go Global".What will be required
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Distributor Identification in 96 countries is our core business.
Learn how we leverage our proven Distributor Identification methodology paired with the industries leading distributor database to gain exceptional results for more than 2,700 companies that use our database. Learn More >>

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