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Creating New Business from New Markets

Export Strategy – Our Added ValueExport Strategy

Export Solutions supplies practical Export development solutions for companies of all sizes. Our “roll up our sleeves” approach leverages our experiences from my than 300 projects worldwide. We focus on logical plans to stimulate profitable, incremental growth. Our philosophy is “Crawl, Walk, Run” to international success.

Export Solutions Four Step process

1. Strategic Analysis

Evaluate Companies product portfolio for best export prospects. Understand resources available to support launch. Prioritize countries and retailers for export. Identify "route to market"/partner alternatives: Distributors, brokers etc. Develop realistic shipment objectives based upon brands investment plan.

2. Category Review/Define Launch Plan

Review local competitors and category pricing. Highlight your brands point of difference. Define your brands sales strategy: pricing, assortment etc. Create marketing plan to drive consumer trial and repeat purchase.

3. Distributor/Broker/Partner Identification

Identify best in class partners in target countries. Conduct thorough partner assessment process. Structure contract to maximize sales and minimize risk.

4. Plan Implementation/Scorecard Measures

Gain alignment with distributor on launch plan and timeline. Establish specific Scorecard objectives on Major Customer acceptance, retail availability, pricing, shelf presence, and merchandising programs. Create forum/format for monitoring results and corrective action if required

300 Export Research Articles

Export Solutions has published more than 300 articles on Export Strategy and Distributor Management.
Visit Export Tips to read the free research articles.

Click here for Export Solutions free 74 page Export Strategy Guide.

Contact Us to translate your international vision into tangible shipments in 96 Countries.

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Export Solutions


Looking to expand into high growth, emerging markets ?
Seeking to upgrade or energize your existing international distributor network ? Export Solutions provides commercial strategies to translate your Export vision to "retail reality" in 96 countries. Learn More >>

Export Solutions

Export Ready

Your brand has enjoyed success and everyone encourages you to "Go Global".What will be required
to gain access to international supermarket shelves ?Export Solutions provides answers
to small to mid size companies looking to begin their export journey. Learn More >>

Export Solutions


Distributor Identification in 96 countries is our core business.
Learn how we leverage our proven Distributor Identification methodology paired with the industries leading distributor database to gain exceptional results for more than 2,700 companies that use our database. Learn More >>

Export Solutions

What's New ?

Click here for our latest insights on export development
and building businesses through international distributors. Access our "Ten Tips" articles
and the latest free templates to manage your export business.Contact us to join the 8,500 readers of our free Export Express newsletter.  Learn More >>